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"Sophia [Furfine] is lovely. She is very fair about how she lets children participate and she is really good about helping [Student name] work through problems. We truly enjoy having her as a role model!”

~ Parent of 1st grade math student

"[Miss Furfine] was a star. she made the classroom discussions fun and i will miss this group. probably one of my most favorite math teachers so far. Please let me know the next class she teaches.”

~ Prealgebra math student

"[Student name] truly enjoyed having you as a teacher for the past few months. Thank you for taking the time and care to provide such thoughtful feedback on her written assignments.”

~ Parent of 3rd grade humanities student


"I really enjoyed this class.... I loved my instructor's sense of humor, which made every topic even more engaging and interesting.”

~ Prealgebra math student


"Miss Furfine played an enormous role in [student's] education this year. We are quite fond of Miss Furfine on so many levels.”

~ Parent of 2nd grade humanities student


“My teacher (Sophia Furfine) was amazing. She always responded to my questions, and always helped me when I needed it. Even if it is for my python course:) She also taught me LaTeX and Asymptote, late after class was finished. Even though I knew some of the topics, I learned things I never knew before. I also learned new, and even better ways to solve problems! Even though some of the problems were challenging, I was taught how to solve them! I really enjoyed this class and had lots of fun! In each class you cover a lot of big topics in a short amount of time. I feel like the class was a little short [75 minutes], and I don't want it to be over so soon.”

~ Prealgebra math student


"Athena gave me the greatest gift of all, Miss Furfine. I know I did well in Language Arts because of Miss Furfine..... when Miss Furfine helps me I understand everything. Is there anyway that I can continue learning from Miss Furfine? Thank you.”

~ 2nd grade humanities student


"I honestly love AoPS, because of my instructor [Miss Furfine]. My class at AoPS had been a absolute blast:)”

~ Prealgebra math student


"[Miss Furfine] did such a great job teaching the kids and keeping them interested in all their work.”

~ Parent of 2nd grade math student


"My teacher makes sure that we are completely comfortable with the math that we are learning.... Overall, I think that my AoPS class is perfect just as it is and it helps me improve.”

~ 4th grade math student

"I'd like to sincerely express my appreciation of your help with [student].... The results are much more than what was expected from my end in many aspects. The courses certainly are both well-designed, but I have to acknowledge the fact that it is always the individual commitment and professionalism that ultimately differentiates the end results, just as you have demonstrated to [student] in the past months. I do hope what he learned from you is not only the knowledge itself but also the attitude behind it which to me would be the key in his long-term development.”

~ Parent of 3rd grade humanities and math student

"It is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

~ 1st grade math student

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